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Best FREE Virus Protection?

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I'm looking to add additional (Free) virus protection to my PC and my wife's. Although she has MS Essentials and I have Windows Defender I read where this wasn't enough so I am looking for something stronger. I did install Avast about a month ago into our computers, but I wasn't sure if there was something new and more secure? I did try adding AVG to my computer, but all kinds of things went wrong...could not connect to web, screen went white and could not view anything so I removed it right away and had to perform a System Restore to get my computer back. My wife has Widows Vista and I have Windows 8.1.

I was looking at a couple protections I never heard of and was wondering if they be familiar to anyone and whether they are worth trying. They are Panda and Avira Antivirus.

Thank you,


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There must be a thousand threads on this....


It really is each to their own.


I put MSE on all windows PCs I build.


If you just use the internet and don't go to dodgy gambling / Pornography / cheap pills or use torrent sites MSE and a weekly scan with malwarebytes should be more than adequate.

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Malwarebytes has a tool out called Malwarebytes Anti Exploit. I suggest Windows XP user's and Vista, download and give the tool a try. Since Microsoft discontinued security updates.


Please read over the information provided in Frequently Asked Questions. If help is needed please visit Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Help Forum.


Frequently Asked Questions

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Help Forum

Download it from here

Or from Here



The following programs come highly recommended in the security community.

  • xKsUqI5A.png.pagespeed.ic.vn1Hlvqi8h.jpgAdBlock is a browser add-on that blocks annoying banners, pop-ups and video ads.
  • E8I37RF.pngCryptoPrevent places policy restrictions on loading points for ransomware (eg.CryptoPrevent), preventing your files from being encrypted.
  • EG85Vjt.pngMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) is designed to prevent zero-day malware from exploiting vulnerable software.
  • x6YRrgUC.png.pagespeed.ic.HjgFxjvw2Z.jpgMalwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium (MBAM) works in real-time along side your Anti-Virus to prevent malware execution.
  • xjv4nhMJ.png.pagespeed.ic.A5YbWn1eDO.pngNoScript is a Firefox add-on that blocks the actions of malicious scripts by using whitelisting and other technology.
  • 3O8r9Uq.png Sandboxie isolates programmes of your choice, preventing files from being written to your HDD unless approved by you.
  • DgW1XL2.png.pagespeed.ce.v1OlJl_ZAS.pngSecuina PSI will scan your computer for vulnerable software that is outdated, and automatically find the latest update for you.
  • xj1OLIec.png.pagespeed.ic.k6hhwopU0q.jpgSpywareBlaster is a form of passive protection, designed to block the actions of malicious websites and tracking cookies.
  • xJEP5iWI.png.pagespeed.ic.4tmM1lM7DQ.pngWeb of Trust (WOT) is a browser add-on designed to alert you before interacting with a potentially malicious website.


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I've never tried Panda but they have a good name. I used to like Avira, it's still a good product, but it has gotten a bit bloated over the years and I think AVAST! is better.


Personally, I like MSE (Defender on windows 8/8.1) ran with Malwarebytes'. Adding an additional layer or two from the information provided above by Juliet is a good idea... especially if you think you might not be adequately protected.

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If you are building a windows PC stick with Microsoft Security Essentials and / or Defender; install ad-block plus and no-script add-ons for your browser; download malwarebytes free version and scan once a month.

Don't waste money on Norton et al.

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I agree with nigsy, but if I were to answer the specific question you asked... if you really want to buy a anti-virus solution, I'd go with Kaspersky out of the ones listed.


Really? The Russians? I have a tough time trusting them, but maybe that's just me.


:) Y

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I am on my way to building a new PC. I found Norton, Kaspersky, F-Secure and AVG available at Xmen. Which is the best antivirus among these?



I agree with nigsy, but if I were to answer the specific question you asked... if you really want to buy a anti-virus solution, I'd go with Kaspersky out of the ones listed.


I have to agree Kaspersky out of the choices you listed. If you go off the list I suggest Panda and Malewarebytes.

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