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GeForce GT 630?

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Any idea if these will fold?


I can pick up a couple for cheap (seller is asking $30 each or $45 for 2). There is no visible brand name on them and seller says these are "generic" or "unbranded", there is only a sticker on the fan with nVidia logo but it looks similar to the Asus ones. I was given some detailed specs, but no idea how to search for any kind of manufacture info since I have no clue who made them. Ideas? Recommendation?




Model GeForce GT630
Applicable Type Desktops
Core Code GF108
Manufacturing Process 40nm
Core Frequency 875mHz
Memory Type Support DDR2
Memory Capacity 2048MB
Memory Interface 128bit
Memory Frequency 3200mHz
Memory Bandwidth 51.2GB / S
Directx Version Directx 11
Graphics Interface PCI Express 2.0 x 16
Display Output Interface HDMI I / DVI / VGA Interface
Auxiliary Power None
Maximum Power Consumption 65W
RAMDAC Frequency 400mhz
Number Of Stream Processors 192 Error Correction
Texture Fill Rate 281 Billion / Sec
Pixel Fill Rate 13gpixel / S
Resolution Maximum Number Of Resolution: 2560 × 1600
Maximum VGA Resolution 2048 × 1536


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Did some searching about online and best I could find for specs on the card is eBay listings from Hong Kong. So looks exactly the same but with the nVidia logo on the center of the fan.

Seller says the reason for selling is due to the HDMI output does not have audio feed so they can't use for HTPC.




Suppose I could go ahead and try, wouldn't be too expensive. Otherwise, I'm seeing lots of Radeon HD 4xxx cards and GeForce GTX 260s and 280s and an Asus GeForce GT 440.

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Did a bit of searching about folding on these cards and found a little info.








Watching the wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_600_series

GeForce GT 630; GK107 (Kepler); 192 Cuda cores; DDR3; OEM
GeForce GT 630; GF108 (Fermi); 96 Cuda cores; DDR3; Retail
GeForce GT 630; GK208 (Kepler); 384 Cuda cores;DDR3; ??
GeForce GT 630; GF108 (Fermi); 96 Cuda cores; DDR5; Retail


Those specs do NOT match at all to the ones shown for the cards I'm looking at... these ones should be GF108 (Fermi) but they are 2GB DDR2 128 bit. And says 192 stream processors, I thought that was for AMD cards? No mention of CUDA cores...

Seems there's a lot of mention as to whether the card is OEM or retail, some say the OEM has 192 Cuda cores while the retail has only 96.


Some mention of the 630 being capable of about 3k ppd. So not as great as other cards would do, but not horrible either.


Guess I can see about getting them anyway and run 1 to see what it can do. Going to check into a couple of options for something better, a few GTX 550 Ti's (also unbranded?) but for about the same price.

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