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notebook pc turns wifi off

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Do you have any third party firewall software running, like Zone Alarm?


What anti-virus program or suite are you using?


Posting an Overdrive test would certainly be helpful.


Go to: Start>All Programs, then Right Click on Internet Explorer and choose: 'Run as Administrator'

Navigate yourself to the Overdrive test and run the scan, then post the final URL address back into this thread:
Here's a how to:
........ moving this to the Networking Forum
:) Y

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where is the start up delayer




It's listed in your installed programmes.

I'm guessing if you don't know what it is, your not using it, so have have look in Control panel > Add/remove Programmes and see if it is listed and remove it.


The only reason I mention it is I used to use a similar piece of software on a W7 pc and it also messed with my network card starting.

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