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New Laptop packs a punch


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New laptop, I5 4200M @ 3.0ghz
Lenovo ThinkPad E440, $479.99 @ microcenter ... http://www.microcenter.com/product/435168/ThinkPad_E440_140_Laptop_Computer_-_Midnight_Black


Added another 4 GB memory for total of 8 GB dual channel, plus replaced the 500 GB HDD with a 250 GB 840 EVO SSD.


Pit Test 11,316 ... http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25779861&report=Summary


Boot time less than 15 seconds .... boottime.jpg ... that's even with all of the bloatware loaded up from Lenovo, 129 processes, @ stock speeds.


Windows 7 logo only completes about 50% on boot up, all four colors never even come together.


Never seen any boot times close to it. Not even in my $3000 plus behemoth, water cooled, tweaked, stripped down to bare bones operating system, desktops I have built!!

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The secret is in that the newer chips have a quick boot option and it seems to work exceptionally well with laptops. I have a similar lapper as Paul's and the first thing that I noticed was that it went from power on to desktop in 16 seconds. My overclocked desktop monster takes 36 seconds.


However, the difference is in the time the BIOS takes to run through the POST. The desktop also has to load up the raid configuration.


When it comes to the actual time it takes to boot Windows once the BIOS has completed the POST, my desktop wins by 2.59 seconds.


36 seconds from power on to desktop, but only 8.158 seconds to boot into Windows:




16 seconds from power on to desktop, but 10.748 seconds to boot into Windows:



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my boot time on my asrock z97,g3258 @4.6 8 gigs ram and my 60gig SSD is 9 seconds,dont even see any BIOS options when booting. all 5 of my rigs are now using SSD drives. too cheap not to run one even if its just as a boot drive. nice laptop paul! i wish i had a micro center in town,i see alot of specials for in store pick up only.. :glare:

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Yes caintry this is the one I ran on Pcmark 8 over there ... http://www.theraptorpit.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9451-pcmark-8/ ... but that was prior to installing the SSD. Installing that gained me 312 points on that benchmark 2714 ... http://www.3dmark.com/pcm8hm3/99998.


Brownhornet,, it is nice having them in town but tough on your wallet. There are deals there that you just cannot walk away from. Like they say, "like a kid in a candy store!". Bought this in December ... http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.aspx?sku=404558 $300 less than anyone else @ $699 with a stack of them on the sales floor.


IG, I used the same software as you did and came up with 19.749 sec ... Untitled.jpg ... I still have yet to trim down the crapware reinstalled when I recovered the system installing the SSD.


It takes about 10 seconds to get through bios so about 30 seconds total boot up time from the power button.


I guess it depends on what the software considers booted up. Those are amazing times you posted there for both of yours!

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