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Hi All,

I'm considering upgrading my PC so my wife could get better performance for photo editing. We have an 8300 HP elite, with i7 2600, 16 GB RAM, non ssd HD. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to the 4th gen k versions or would be upgrade hardly be noticeable? the reason for asking is, sometimes when editing large photos, photos can take upwards of a minute or two to blur or add/remove effects. Thanks, -JS

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I'd say with 16gb RAM you shouldn't have any issues whatsoever; especially paired with an i7. I'm assuming you are running 64bit and at least w7 home premium?


Think I would be looking elsewhere for the problem that is slowing the PC down.

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yes it is 64 and win7 pro. It doesnt make much sense to me either. Where else do you suggest. I know it doesnt make much difference for photo editing and like but I even upgraded video card to 2gb gtx 750. Thanks for the response!

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With those specs, the first place to look is to find what other programs or services are running in the background?


Being that it's an HP, a lot of their default programs and "phone home" usage statistic utilities can be disabled.


Running and posting an Overdrive test will give us and you a better idea of what is actually going on behind the scenes (so to speak).


Go to Start>All Programs, then Right Click on Internet Explorer and choose: 'Run as Administrator'

Navigate yourself to the Overdrive test, log in and give it a go:
Here's a how to:
:) Y
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