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I want to take the opportunity to wish you well, no matter which team you're Folding with. I DO think it's pretty sad that no one else recognized the fact that you'd passed the 200 Million point mark...

I realize that life happens and that we get so engrossed this time of year in family, bbq, fishing and other things but for a team so small as ours to hold down position #65 in the whole world, that means something. Apparently not enough.



Fold On Brother!






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Back to the Pit after talking with CB will see how it works out. One of the things I did learn while away was in order for a team to grow it must have team members posting on the forum.

We have to show people that just stop by and read that we care about the team, one or two people doing all the chatting just will not draw new members.

Ask questions of each other like CB posted Hot Tip, don't just read it and leave without saying something at least thank you.

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Guns... I am so very new here compared to most, but I think of you as the backbone of our team. I got so used to you folding tons and tons that it slipped by me also and my bad :( Thank you for all you have done, which is an amazing accomplishment that some of us can only dream of.


(adding) I don't check in here as often as I used to, which was daily... so I have probably missed many a milestone, birthday, etc... and for that I apologize to anyone I missed, and any events/annnouncements I will unintentionally miss in the future.

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