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Keylogger Protection software

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I use Webroot Secure Anywhere to protect my computer from malware and it DOES say it protects from keyloggers. Would it still be a good idea to add an anti-keylogging program to give me another layer of protection? I have seen that there are a number of free ones available. If it makes sense, any recommendations?


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I guess it depends on your comfort level.


Do people other than you have access to your computer? If not, the likelihood of someone installing a keylogger that wouldn't be detected by your anti-virus is pretty remote.


As far as I know, the only real difference between anti-keylogger software and keylogger detection in anti-virus programs... is the you anti-virus program will probably not warn you of the presence of a legitimate keylogger installed on your system by a person physically using your computer with administrator privileges. The anti-keylogger program will warn of the presence of any keylogger, legitimate or not. So unless you let your buddies play world of warcraft on your computer, or you have a soon to be ex-wife that is preparing for divorce proceedings... I wouldn't worry about it to much. However, it's your computer. If it makes you feel better... go right ahead.


As I've never used one... I have no recommendations.

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i'd guess a lot of the free anti keylogger programs are malware anyway and actually install a keylogger onto your pc in the first place so personally i wouldn't bother with one but if you do, make sure you do your research on it first before trying it out.


like tomk never used one so no recommendations either.



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