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We have about 5 ethernet powerline adapters in our house (2 yrs old). They all have been working fine.

Today we installed a new treadmill. Whenever the treadmill is turned on, one of the computers that connects using the powerline adapter can no longer get online. Whenever the treadmill is turned off the internet works fine.


So the treadmill is probably causing noise on the same power circuit the computer is on.

I tried other power outlets but they are all close together so probably all same circuit and it did not help.


Are there any devices available that can help reduce noise on the power circuit?

Not sure if anything like that exists where I can plug in the treadmill into the filter device and then the filter device into the power outlet?

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Thanks for the link. I may end up trying that. I guess I can always return it if it doesn't work.

What is it about treadmills and causing interference on powerlines? I started searching for it and it seems like others have the same issues with treadmills among some other 'noisy' devices.

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