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I have an old Samsung mini.


I had previously read your article about protection for smartphones and installed bitdefender.


Now I don't understand these things, (Smartphones), AT ALL, so I would appreciate some advice as I had a similar thing happen on my last phone and ended up breaking it.


Do these apps actually scan you're whole phone for "Baddies" or just apps?


Yesterday, on an ordinary website a message came up to say out of the blue that I didn't have enough storage space left on my phone and that I need to uninstall something or delete stuff. I hadn't installed anything new, I've hardly any apps anyway, not many fotos ot file etc


This is how it started and my last phone so I didn't do it. I scanned with Bitdefender which said all was fine.


Yet everytime that I go onto the internet now this same message keeps coming up. I have to closedown my phone to make it go away but I go online again and the same thing happens every time.


So, I read your latest newsletter to day and thought that I'd try out Malwarebytes instead, so I uninstalled Bitdefender and tried to install Malwarebytes , only to be told that I had insufficient storage space to download it.


I have 163mb used space on my phone and 22mb unused. I have loads on my sd card but it never seems to let me move stuff to it.


I have a problem but I just don't know enough to understand what it is and how to get rid of it.


PLEASE help me.


Thank you



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Android phones; although not 100% virus proof are about as close as you can get to it. As long as you only install apps from the play store the chances of you getting anything are very slim; and I mean win a lottery jackpot slim!!.

22mb of free space isn't a lot as once the file has downloaded it needs to be unpacked and then executed and this could be why it gets the memory warning.

The easiest fix with any android phone is to simply do a factory reset. This will wipe ALL user data from the phone, so you need to back up any photos/videos etc. Your contacts should already be synced to your google account; check your gmail on a PC and check your contact list. You can get 3rd party apps to backup text conversations if you need to.


Your phone needs to be rooted and an app like 'apps2sd' installed to move thing from the phones memory to the sd card.


Bottom line - you don't need an av programme on an Android phone.

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