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All exe files present Bad Image Error Message Windows


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Do you have a DELL computer?


DSD is "Dell System Detect"


I think this can be uninstalled or disable. If you should go to the Dell website to scan for driver updates or something else associated it will request you download the tool again.

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Yes, it's a Dell Precision T1500. So to be sure I understand:

1) You think it's a good idea to find and disable or install DSD.

2) If in the future I go to Dell online for anything, it will ask me to download again, and at that point I can decline, or will need to disable/unistall again.


Not sure why, but after uninstalling DSD, went to IE/run as admin and Overdrive test then worked. Here is link to results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25768030

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Thanks for the Overdrive link.


Please download and install the recommended updated Chipset drivers here:





Another issue that is revealed with your test results is that your hard drive itself is choking your Windows installation.


You are showing only 7% free space on your C drive with the Windows installation.


Windows machines run into many problems as soon as their hard drive real estate drops below 40% free.
Files fragment faster, swap files can become corrupted and overall performance becomes sluggish. Your test results are showing high fragmentation as well.
Back up what you can to an external hard drive, burn pictures or files that you do not use on a regular basis to DVDs or CDs or even USB flash drives, uninstall any programs or games that are no longer used if applicable, etc.
Then defrag the c drive thoroughly.
Performance and errors will smooth out by giving Windows a bit more elbow room on a C drive.
:) Y
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Okay. Have moved virtually all docs, pics, sound & video to external hard drive. Turned machine on this morning and when I try to launch any MS Office app I get a window, "Preparing to Install" followed by "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Single Image 2010". Was typing this message a little while ago and machine suddenly rebooted, not cleanly apparently as before because it offered me the chance to come up in safe mode. I let the installer for single image run and a few seconds later, Outlook and other MS Office applications will run. This is so weird. I'll defrag this morning. C Drive properties: Used Space = 354 GB, Free Space = 109 GB.

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downloaded and unzipped the chipset drivers from the link provided before. Actually did this twice, saving to Desktop on second go, to more easily locate. Three new files showed up on Desktop - ia64, X64 and Win7. Contents of Win 7 folder:

14 *.inf items and 14 *.cat items. What next?

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When you extract the drivers from the Dell zip file, it will create a folder at C:\Dell\Drivers\66K52

Open that Folder and double click the Setup file there. This will initiate the chipset installation.

Follow the prompts and reboot when completed.


:) Y

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Of course we will miss you. But I ain't holding my breath either :)


Even after you get your computer in tip top shape, we have other forums for you to look over and become familiar with.

I think we offer valuable info in other ways as well.

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There's no doubt. May I make a contribution on your behalf to your favorite charity (or to you?) I've told a number of people how much support I got from you here. Truly remarkable. By the way, should uninstall the tools you recommended, change IE security back to medium high, change the settings for showing hidden files?

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I'm looking for the PCPitStop donation link, till then



Don't miss or skip this next step, this will remove malicious files from quarantine and set a clean restore point.


Go to Start > Run > copy and paste the full text path in the run box


ComboFix /Uninstall


Note the space between the x and the /U, it needs to be there.




AFZxnZc.jpg DelFix

  • Please download DelFix

    or from here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/delfix/ and save the file to your Desktop.

  • Double-click DelFix.exe to run the programme.
  • Place a checkmark next to the following items:
    • Activate UAC
    • Remove disinfection tools
  • Click the Run button.
-- This will remove the specialised tools we used to disinfect your system. Any leftover logs, files, folders or tools remaining on your Desktop which were not removed can be deleted manually (right-click the file + delete).



The following programmes come highly recommended in the security community.
  • xKsUqI5A.png.pagespeed.ic.vn1Hlvqi8h.jpgAdBlock is a browser add-on that blocks annoying banners, pop-ups and video ads.
  • E8I37RF.pngCryptoPrevent places policy restrictions on loading points for ransomware (eg.CryptoPrevent), preventing your files from being encrypted.
  • EG85Vjt.pngMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) is designed to prevent zero-day malware from exploiting vulnerable software.
  • x6YRrgUC.png.pagespeed.ic.HjgFxjvw2Z.jpgMalwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium (MBAM) works in real-time along side your Anti-Virus to prevent malware execution.
  • xjv4nhMJ.png.pagespeed.ic.A5YbWn1eDO.pngNoScript is a Firefox add-on that blocks the actions of malicious scripts by using whitelisting and other technology.
  • 3O8r9Uq.png Sandboxie isolates programmes of your choice, preventing files from being written to your HDD unless approved by you.
  • DgW1XL2.png.pagespeed.ce.v1OlJl_ZAS.pngSecuina PSI will scan your computer for vulnerable software that is outdated, and automatically find the latest update for you.
  • xj1OLIec.png.pagespeed.ic.k6hhwopU0q.jpgSpywareBlaster is a form of passive protection, designed to block the actions of malicious websites and tracking cookies.
  • xJEP5iWI.png.pagespeed.ic.4tmM1lM7DQ.pngWeb of Trust (WOT) is a browser add-on designed to alert you before interacting with a potentially malicious website.
Want to help others? Join the ClassRoom and learn how.
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Above all, please keep coming back. Spread the word to friends, colleagues and co-workers. Let them know about what we have to offer, and how it can make their PC run better.


Some users have asked if they could support us via a monetary donation. We certainly appreciate this, and we've made it fast, easy and safe to do via PayPal. Paypal accepts credit card payments online and is 100% secure.


Thank you for visiting and supporting PC Pitstop. We promise it'll come back to you in expanded and improved services at our site, which of course means a better PC for you.

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