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The proxy server isn't responding

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Earlier this week I started having problems connecting on the Internet; I started to get notices that "The proxy server isn't responding." To my knowledge, I have not made any changes on my computer. To solve this problem, I have had to go >tools > internet options > connections and, in the "LAN Settings" enter I have had to do this several times this week, otherwise, I get notices saying I cannot connect. I have another computer and, when I checked these same setting on it, the "LAN Settings" was blank, but I am still able to connect with that computer. So, I am puzzeled about what happened and why, and how to correct this problem once and for all.

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Follow the directions that Juliet outlined in the following link for the Windows Repair Tool:




It should restore those settings to their defaults for you.


Please do not go through any of the other directions or utilities listed in that thread as they do not pertain to your situation. ;)


:) Y

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