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Ubuntu smartphone?

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Think I'd be interested in trying it out, mainly on account of..

A. I don't even like running buggy, vulnerable Windows OS on a computer.. what purpose would it serve on a phone?

B. I'm not a fan of any Apple made product. Most of their devices are just over-priced and over-hyped junk.

C. Android is nice (open source if I'm not mistaken), but it's too mainstream.


Only 1 real reason I probably wouldn't bother and that's the same reason I don't own any "smartphone" to begin with.

I only need a "phone" for making and receiving audio calls as a phone were originally invented for. If I want to type up a message or browse the web or play games... well that's what I have a PC for!


Thoughts on an Ubuntu smartphone? Would it be great, or awful? Just another device on the market to push more competition?

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People have been porting Ubuntu to smartphones for a while. My old Galaxy S3 dual booted a custom ROM and Ubuntu; but the old versions were real Beta affairs and full of holes...this does look better. Troble with old versions were they tried to port the Ubuntu OS rather than create an OS for the smart phone.

Trouble is Android is so configurable and with so many custom ROMS and ways of further enhancing these is don't see a need for this.

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