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What are these two suspicious things?

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  • 4 months later...

New item, just re-using this topic. I have an apparent zero day attack.

Yesterday Matic AV detected the following program:

C:\Program files\bluisdlokoir\\psiihilu.exe
using several search engines for both words, NO MATCHES found on internet.

this thing was found by PC-Matic, not found by Trend Micro.


Only observed effect is MS (Office 2010) Word complaining about macros, when macros and even macro messages are supposed to be blocked. I even uninstalled VB support. Happens on launch of all new docs, even blank page. And very oddly, when you click the red ‘X’ to leave you get the macro message again.

Machine is Lenovo, dual core 3.0ghz, 64bit, 6gig ram, 180gb-SSD, with Window 7 Pro64. All updates of course. This workstation also has Adobe cloud suite, 6 apps installed.

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