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APU folding

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So I got a new rig:



It's running an AMD A4 APU, got F@H installed and running. Download page has only 1 client listed under Windows and it appears to be for WinXP 32 bit so that's what I went with. It shows that it's running on both CPU and GPU, but the GPU wu isn't doing anything at all. It's got the GPU listed as Richland Radeon HD 8730D.


Also can't seem to find any system logs for the folding client, maybe need to reboot for it to show up in the client directory? Machine is running Win 8.1 64 bit


I've got it folding only on medium for now as I don't know any temperatures right now, may need to install Speedfan or similar utility, and it's got only stock AMD CPU cooler. When possible I'll upgrade that to something much better.

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I see the wu on CPU finished and log says it uploaded roughly 3 hours ago, but not seeing any credit for it yet. It's now running a wu on GPU and has another one ready for CPU.


Seems it won't or maybe can't run both at the same time? Maybe better idea to not fold on the GPU section of the APU?

I can pick up a slightly used Asus Radeon HD 6850 for cheap if that would be a better solution.


And Speedfan seems to be useless with these readouts. Fan speeds are probably wrong, CPU fan is plugged right the mobo but the 2 case fans are plugged to PSU with Molex to 2-pin adapters.

Fan1: 6500RPM

Fan2: 6500RPM

Temp: -48C

HDD0: 22C


Core: 16C


Voltage readouts are rather low as well. Don't know about the -5V since there isn't even a -5V rail on the PSU.

COREA: 3.33v

COREB: 2.88v

+3.3V: 3.01v

+5V: 3.23v

+12V: 8.77v

-12V: -8.83v

-5V: -3.73v

GPU Vddc: 1.02v




On second look I see it is NOT folding on the GPU section at all, the client just flipped the numbers around when it started another CPU wu. Time for another coffee!

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It's been in the 60s here and tomorrow should be in low to mid 70s so with the weather being so much warmer also means PC temps will go up. Can still easily add up to 3 more 120mm fans to this case if so much more extra cooling is really needed, but for now should be ok. AIDA64 was just a free trial and no longer can run, so I tried Piriform Speccy and it looks to have quite accurate readouts.




I'm still not overly thrilled by Windows 8.1 either and may try switching over to Linux Mint.. maybe I'll give it a try using another hdd before it gets put to use in my other machine.


It's running in this case: (only difference is mine has the side fan mounted in lower location of the 2 and it's got a 350 watt InWin PSU not the 450 watt that it says on Newegg)


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