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Possible Infection, Can PC Be Saved?


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I'm trying to help my Stepdaughter with a couple (think it my be more than a couple) of problems. One problem is that all her pictures have vanished and I'm trying to locate them. I was thinking Hidden Files may have them, but not quite sure how to find the hidden files...could use some help with this. Next problem seems like a bigger mess. It appears she was using Norton for Security protection, but it did not do such a great job because I can't even get into Google and she keeps getting pop-ups. I went into her computer and removed Norton because I was going to install MS Security Essentials, but her computer would not complete install. She told me she has Windows Defender so I went into her security section and system says it is turned off so I tried turning it on, but it will not turn on. I should have jotted down what it said, but I was not thinking about that at the time.
Could sure use some help getting some Virus protection back into her computer.(OS Vista)
I was thinking about doing a System Restore, but not sure how that will work out. Would appreciate any help.
Thank you,

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If you need more help,


Try resetting

Instructions on how to backup your Favourites/Bookmarks and other data can be found below.

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