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where is the default folder for print screen ? win 7 lenovo

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allo every one


im using a laptop lenovo L 512


win 7 professionnel


on my keyboard there is a Fonction key and multi keys with the matching colour so to use that fonction key


my Fkeys stop at F12


on the insert key there is a Im Éc printed i think it means print screen


so? simple question do you know where the print screen usually stores the printed screens i did???


also im using firefox is there any other way to print my screen whenever i want


thank you

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Print Screen just captures and copies the 'picture' to clipboard it doesn't save the capture anywhere (not that I know of??)


As for different way to capture things....Window 7 has the Snipping tool : click on Start Orb > search > snipping and it should show in the list of results.

Or you could try a full program like 'Gadwin':




Download the free version Printscreen 5.4.

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think of print screen like copy and paste, when you press prtscn button it copies the screen so then you have to paste it where you want it, either into a file or program, to save it, usually it's pasted into paint and saved as a jpeg image if i remember correctly.


now with windows 8 tho there is another way of doing things, if you hold down the windows key and press prtscn button it copies and pastes a screen shot into the pictures screenshots folder.


links explaining things

win 7 :- http://www.wikihow.com/Print-Screen-on-Windows-7

win 8 :- http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/take-screen-capture-print-screen#take-screen-capture-print-screen=windows-8



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thanks to all


sometimes you have to read it to remember what you already know


i really appreciate you guys taking time to answer this


i think the print screen i used in the past was in my gaming program(mohaa)


and then in the default folder of that program


but again i really appreciate to read all the answers you gave me


and links




merci beaucoup

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