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FBI Virus or Malware on Android devices?

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Has anyone heard of this? I've done a little research but it's not been much help. My son has a Galaxy Tab 3 and when it's booted it has his home screen for just a second and then this FBI screen comes up asking for money and so on...can anyone help me remove it please?

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Personally never heard of it on an Android device....but did find this:




It contains instructions 1/2 way down (Header: Update 2) on how to remove from an Android device.


(This will help you get it into safe mode as required: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/skp/faq/1028658 )


If that doesn't work; you may have to try a factory reset - But probably you'll need to reinstall the Original firmware from Samobile.

If you need to do that; open a new thread in the Mobile phone forum as you are going to need the latest version of Odin a windows PC and some help!!


I would also advise, once removed you install Lookout security app:



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