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Been a while

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It must have been a good couple months since I've been on here. Haven't really had a working machine all this time though. System rebooted itself at random one day and just sat there on a blank screen with the HDD and ODD status LEDs lit and it wouldn't read from either device. Took a few weeks to find the problem, which I luckily was able to repair!


A transistor/voltage regulator had fallen off the mobo. I can only assume due to a poor solder connection during refurbishing.






SMD soldering is such a pain with pencil type solder iron and such tight space to work in, but I was able to make a successful repair and machine is working actually quite well!!


The picture is a bit dark and slightly blurry, even though I turned on a rather bright 100 watt light. Trying to use the flash caused camera to turn off due to low power batteries (time for a new camera). But here's how it currently sits... the cheap Apex case I was using has been mysteriously destroyed and I don't have any other cases right now.




Also had this GPU (bought for $5 locally from an ad on craigslist) but it mysteriously disappeared on me.... so the Phenom rig still sits not able to be put into use until I can get hold of another GPU.



I will be going to check out some hardware that I found at a bargain price and see what kind of good deal I can make off with. Only downside as of now is that I still can't get any WUs on the client. But hoping to have the other hardware up and running really soon.. I've currently got that stuff safely locked up in a footlocker!!

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I would have probably been back a bit sooner with a nicer machine running, but with Xmas coming up money disappears too quickly!


For the most part I wanted to fix my younger sister's laptop. It got fried when alcohol got spilled on it (brother has a bit of an alcohol problem)... stripped it all the way down to the bare mobo and cleaned everything up, tested each component piece by piece and yet it still won't power on. Something definitely wrong with the mobo so getting a replacement.


The laptop is a Dell XPS M1330.. a pretty decent (though pricey) machine and actually gets very good review.



Stock it came with Vista 32 bit, 320GB SATA HDD, 3GB DDR2-800, Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 CPU and uses Intel Xtreme 2 graphics. I was able to score a replacement mobo with nvidia graphics chip, an upgraded Core 2 Duo T9500 CPU and 4GB of OCZ DDR2-800 for a steal at $45 total!! Debating on a HDD upgrade and probably switch it up to Win7 64 bit.


I should have a decent paycheck coming on Friday so should be able to spare a little something for my rig then :xmas_biggrin:

Hopefully won't be much longer until I'm posting points again!!

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