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pc matic

Charlene Kelley

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Your method of approved software (aka) white page is worse than the black page because it would prohibit much freeware and public domain software. And, no legatimite AV works just on a black list they also use heuristic agolrythms that find malware like code. Avast free is million times better than pc matic.

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What freeware and public domain software are you concerned about seeing blocked?


Super Shield is fully customizable and if a program that you wish to run is being blocked, then you have the ability to either Allow it that one time, or Always Allow it, so it is now placed on your own personal white list.


If you are happy with Avast, then we are happy for you. It's a free country. Pick the security solution that you feel most comfortable with. :tup:


:) Y

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