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First Format in years


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Haven't formatted my /home partition in years. In fact I can't remember the last time I did.

So I figured why not back up all my data, years and years of personal pictures, important documents, miscellaneous files, 20+ years of music collected as far back as the original Napster days, and 400 gigabytes of Movies.


Nice clean install of OpenSuSE 13.2 then move all my data back after I get everything up and running. :tup:

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personally i now use dedicated drives for things like my data and video collection (nearly 1TB alone.), so always create a new home partition and then link the drives to it.


how did we used to manage when we only had 10GB drives. :laughing:


personally i'm going to stick with ext4 file system, i'm not really interested in the extra data protection/fault tolerances etc. offered by btrfs so see no need to lose any performance no matter how small ext4 has over btrfs.



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how did we used to manage when we only had 10GB drives.

Maybe how I do with my ancient 40GB drive? :mrgreen:


My take on 13.2 is that I can watch Flash vids again on Firefox, and I have Chromium 38 working where I was stuck on 34 in 13.1, and the boot up and shut down are quick as all hell now.


But what seems to be missing is when I used to click on the menu lizard and go to System/Configuration there was an option called Disks Utility. It's gone. So I have no clue if I'm still in ext4 or the new btrfs system.

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