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Malware for 6 Days - Nothing is Helping


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Oh phooey, now I understand why you questioned my home page! (I just finished typing an explanation about my home page when it hit me that I'd used the wrong word on post #125)


I meant to write that the Netherlands guy messed up my DESKTOP. (Yeah, slight difference between Home page and desktop!!) Both problems are on my taskbar - one on the right side and the other on the left.


Part 1:

On the right side, there are icons. Just before the icons, is >> and if you move your cursor to the >> and click on it, whatever you have on your desktop will appear. The problem is at the very top of this, it has my name and, if I click on it, it shows things like Contacts, Downloads, Documents, etc. Previously, I had a grey strip across the top of my desktop screen with my name, Contacts, Downloads, Documents, etc. I don't even know what the grey strip thing IS so googling isn't helping me. Do you know anything about this or at least the name of the grey strip? I want it back on top. Thank you!


ETA: Correcting spelling errors and adding item below


Part 2:


On the left side of the task bar, there were about 7 program shortcuts and then a >>> so I couldn't add more but the additional ones would appear going up on the arrow. Now, though, I have Firefox and a huge space and then a >>>. I've tried moving shortcuts to that place and gone to the arrow to pull down a program shortcut next to the Firefox on the Taskbar but it won't stay. How do I fix the task bar? Or should I be asking these questions elsewhere? Thank you!! :whistling:

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Madam, I've always heard IE is the least safe browser because hackers are always finding holes. Obviously, you don't have problems with it, though!


OH - I woke up to see that my Malwarebytes caught 2 Spyware both had "recycle" in the path so I quarantined them, went to my Recycling bin which had about 500 pics from my Apple iphone. Other than pics, there were two House Calls (since I need to use the latest one each time) and then the latest Apple update for itunes. (I just had a thought - why would that be in the recycling bin?) Oh well - I deleted them all and restarted.


I'm running AdwCleaner (the latest version) and will run TFC afterwards then Malwarebytes. I want to thank you for giving me the tools to do this. This is also why I like that this is in writing - (I took screen grabs) so I can go back and see what you previously told me to do. I'm ready for the next malware or adware... :rollingpin::boxing:


Thank you again.

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