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Reading .PDF docs


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It is a very "uncommon" type of form that is not well supported in any pdf software, even adobe is abandoning it and it asking vendors to render such docs in html5 rather then XFA. Some XFA based files will open and render correctly but may not be able to be filled in properly. In short, avoid them if possible, and if not possible ask the creator to cut the crap, and use something that is readable by the masses not just people who chose to buy expensive software with poor support. ;)

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@ Terry, using Okular (the default) to try and read it...

@ nigsy...is Foxit compatible with Linux? I looked and was certain it was a Windoz based software...:shrug:

@ Bruce, it's a form from the State of Ks. and you should know govt...do what they want with our $$$.....I was actually surprised that SUSE (Okular) wouldn't read it.


I have it saved to the home/Documents folder Terry, how would I try to open it in Firefox?? (yes I can say duh)






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