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13.2 Backup options?


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Ok so I've installed 13.2 and reformatted my /home to the new file system.

Before doing this I took a backup of all my files using the inbuilt tool in 13.1.


Gone to restore them and it seems this bit of software has been dropped in 13.2; in fact I can't find any backup software at all in the original install?


I don't know what the software was called; but the icon was a black safe; could do with finding it so I can retrieve my files!

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think you must have installed it yourself even in 13.1 because i don't have it installed on my 13.1 system and to be honest never heard of it, not that i've used any auto backup/sync programs myself for years either.


just did a search for backup in yast and the only 2 packages installed on my 13.1 system are cpio and yast2-backup.



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You're probably right about installing it myself in 13.1 - I've slept since then!


All files recovered perfectly.

Going to spend next weekend getting the config how I like it; not sure about some of the default themes!

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Maybe I don't belong in this thread, but I say I do, so bollocks all you Limeys!

:mrgreen: joke, OK :mrgreen: just a joke


I also just upgraded to 13.2, and after having burned a CD to save whatever files I wanted saved - lo and behold, they were all still there anyway. And check this crazy thing out - now my Firefox plays Flash vids. Thanks, 13.2, you rule!


Just to get a bit serious though, I chimed in on the thread because you mates mentioned backup apps. The only way I know to backup is to burn CDs (yes, I have nothing saved - I'm sure some of you need DVDs) to reload data after the upgrade. Strange, but methinks these backup automated apps still would require burnable media from me, no? :)


And just an ask for a upgrade check up list from the gurus up in here. This is what I've got, feel free to add.


Uninstall Apper.

Do a full zypper up before adding any repos.

Add the packman and libdvdcss repos.

Get VLC.


Tar, blokes, you are bloody gurus of the Penguin World.

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usually to use auto backup programs, you'd have an external or 2nd hard drive connected and it is to that the backup files are copied and not removable media like cd or dvds.


cd's and dvds are used just the once to manually make a single backup copy of your important stuff, usually data that never changes.


personally i add the repo's before doing zypper up, and yes i remove apper and add vlc.



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Hot damn! 13.2 is the bomb! I'll need a Linux guru to explain this. My Flash is working in Firefox 33, and I could never get past 34 on Chrome/Chromium - but now Chromium 38 is rocking the box. I still have the same crapola PC, has Linux elevated its game to snag those whose PCs are not Window$ 9 or 10 ready? Same crappy onboard graphics, I installed nothing at all into my box, but it is all working spot on. I hail openSUSE 13.2! I was seriously considering having to buy a new PC, but no need at all (for now, knock on wood).


Terry, you could be right, I could be wrong - but I've read that it's best to zypper or Yast up your base upgrade before adding any repos to avoid potential conflicts.


I have the repos I need (I think), and I have packman at 98 priority. I also have Mozilla repo, and I did have Google repo before, but if Firefox is playing my vids, I think I can ditch Chromium.

Got my fingers crossed, I just did the upgrade tonight, there may be bugs.

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I use Duplicity to back up on a schedule (once a week) to my NAS server; which stores my backups in a mirrored RAID. Burning to disc is ok but it's a painful process when you have over 1tb of files!!


I did a complete reinstall from DVD and reformatted both root and /home (which are on separate drives), so unlike the upgrade option, which I'm guessing you used all my files, as expected, got wiped.


If you just do an upgrade, the advice is to make sure all your repos etc are bang up to date; TBH I find it easier to wipe the lot and start again.


I think Chromium now has pepperpot flash player installed as standard now and as Terry said in another post the first Yast update pulls in Flash any ways so you should be good to go with either FF or Chrome.

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