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Why I have to log in over & over again when reading posts?

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Greet to all! Mine first post & question here. Forgive me if I have missed any instruction for this. When I try to read different content in the forum, I am asked to log in over and over again. Even before I manage to post this, I do it again. Why is that? Is it how this forum works? Or it's just me? :surrender:

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This is most commonly "cookie" related.


Log out of the forums, and clear your browser's cache' (cookies, history, temporary internet files, etc.)


Log back into the forums and insure that there is a check next to: Remember me


Let us know if the issue persists.


>>>>> moving to Site Feedback :gator:


:) Y

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Another possible cause is junk file cleaners, they remove the cookies that remember you, so each time you run such a cleaner, your probably removing the ability to stay logged in, the good news is that if you use CCleaner, you can save the cookies you need to stay logged in, even from other junk file cleaners (there may be exceptions though as there are many out there), what I do is go to the site(s), run the cleaner to remove a lot of what is already there, which makes finding what you need much easier, close the program, then log in, once logged in before clicking any other links in the browser.


Next launch CCleaner again, BUT, do NOT run it, instead click on the following:-

Options (on the left side menu), then Cookies;


Then you will see 2 "windows" so to speak, the left hand side shows ALL the cookies you have in the system (hence clearing out the massive bulk that will already be there so they are easy to find), what you need to do is select the ones that relate to the site you want to stay logged into (sometimes there are more than 1), highlight them by clicking on them, then click on the Arrows icon to move them to the right hand window, if you move one over you no longer want, then reverse this process, then repeat as needed, some sites I have found you need to save multiple cookies, but 99% of the time they are obvious as to the site they relate to, but there are often (depending on the sites) several entries, most of which are not part of the site, do not move those ones over.


After you have moved them over to the right window, you can clean the junk out as normal, and they will be retained\protected so you shouldn't have this problem anymore, assuming it's your settings, such as having your browser clear it's history when closed, or junk file cleaners that are removing this detail, hope this helps.

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I had thought the right cookies were saved, but while the old ones were still being saved, they were not doing the job. Which leads me to think pcpitstop did make some kind of change in the last couple of years.

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