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language download.

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never added any languages myself and don't run a windows os to test but see if one of these links help you do what you want. :-






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Hi ~ it appears that the first site posted by Terry is dead-on....here's another link < http://www.froggie.sk/download.html > that deals with many different things re vistalizer....have you given regions and languages a shot?


maybe the 'vistalizer' isn't the way to go?


it would be most helpful if you would post what you have specifically done thus far. or perhaps you've resolved the problem....would be helpful if you'd let us know


Fire http://forums.pcpitstop.com/uploads/monthly_10_2014/post-6075-0-56618100-1414185325.gif


PeeEss....I have trouble with posting n' wonder if there will be 'my' smilie instead of what I now see - a link ??


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Please explain "that far so far" it is understood that you are trying to install Japanese but do not understand "Which one is it." in previous post, you wrote you have 7 Home tho in last post you wrote "premium" my questions to you are: 1. which operating system do you have? 2. what specific steps have you taken thus far? we need to know to better help you. 3. what are you referring to re ""Which one is it."? bthank-you, Fire

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