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Outlook Express shows scripting errors for email via Aweber

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I'm running Windows XP Pro and using Outlook Express as my mail handler. My Outlook Express is tied in with IE 8 which I hardly ever use for a browser.


Recently I have started getting script errors -- but for ONLY SOME of my mail. These error messages stay locked on my email inbox screen until I click a "No" button repeatedly. Sometimes, it takes 25+ clicks of "No" to disarm the error message window so that I can go & read or delete the email message


The mail originates from vendors whom I do biz with and who use Aweber to mail to their list. I was told recently that Aweber changed it's codes so that IE8 is no longer supported (ditto XP, I'd guess). And, of course, I cannot upgrade to IE 9, or 10 since I run XP.


The error messages read"

IE Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 4

char: 208

Error: 'head' is null or not an object

Code: 0

URL: mhtml:mid//00000019/

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

Yes No

After clicking "No", a 2nd error message pops up with different parameters:

Line: 0

char: 0

Error: Script error

Code: 0


Any ideas for a work-around?

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I think the answer is in your own post.....


You need to upgrade from XP. It is a dead , unsupported OS that is a potential target for malware / Trojans etc. If you are using it for business you are putting your contacts at risk of infection by still using XP to receive / send emails.


If you insist on keeping XP, you might try a different email client like Thunderbird or windows live mail - But I don't know if they run with XP?

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