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Okay, I can't be the only one drooling at the performance of the 970... especially the per $ value.... JEEZ!!! What a beast......

Do I scoop another dirt cheap 7970/280x, or sell off this 280x while it's got some value left and go for the 970?


I'm still thinking of going 4k at tax time, so I know CPU bottlenecking won't be an issue at that res..... but I do wonder about the bottlenecking at 1080, with either scenario.


Maybe it would be better to see what 290x does in price, or what AMD puts out to compete, since we are still talking next February,,,

Maybe a cheap $120+/- 7970 in addition for now would be a good means to test how my current setup responds to crossfire, and whether I like it or not....


I had considered going with a sub $200 i5 k series CPU, but I am looking at the FireStrike physics scores for them, and it's only a few hundred more points than mine??????



I found several results that confirm these numbers, just take a look...


Here is a 4,4GHz i5 4690k with a GTX 970 at 1300MHz core....



Here is a SUB 4GHz 1090t with a GTX 970 at 1300MHz core....



Here is my latest and greatest FireStrike run on my current setup:


Keeping in mind that my CPU outperforms the 1090T posted above mine by a good bit (look at my phys score versus the 3.9GHz 1090T and also compare it to the 4.4GHz 4690k!!!!)


Would it be safe to assume that I would NOT be bottlenecking that 970??? Maybe two 280x would still kick some butt too?


This 1090T seems to still be a very relevant chip when you look at all the numbers for FX6/8 and i3/i5 chips..... I have trolled several 3dmark results and looked at physics scores, and graphics scores alike, and it seems that all this CPU bottlenecking stuff I am hearing is a bunch of jazz.... no?


Even crossfire and SLI seem to scale on this chip..... (keep in mind my clocks are high than these, by a LOT)



And same cards on an i5....




The i5 4690k was THE CHIP I was looking at going to at tax time.... in combination with either 2x280x OR the 970.....


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