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How to Move Multiple emails together

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Need help, only have a few days. My wife and I are switching ISP so I need to move her email messages (total messages 2222) from one email provider to her Yahoo account I just created. Is there a way of just moving (dragging) from one account to Yahoo if it is on the same computer? She is using Windows Vista. Please tell me I do not have to send theses one by one. I could sure use some help. Thank you!

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Yo, I have no idea why or even how somebody would have 2,222 e-mails or why on earth they would want to keep them, but see if this link gives you the answer:



2,222 e-mails. Sheesh.

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Quickest way would be to contact their Technical Support people: For Technical Support call 866-843-9444



There should be an "Import/Export" function on the mail client once you log onto your account.

Technical support will be able to guide you to it's location and their protocol for carrying out the commands.


:) Y

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Have you tried forwarding them ?

I can Select All - Forward in my mail (wanted to see if it's possible), and although I didn't do it, they would be sent as attachments to a single mail you create during the process, that's what mine did by default, so not sure if it help's here or not, otherwise exporting is most certainly the way to go, only see if you can talk her into leaving the kitchen sink behind lmao. :woot::rollingpin::rofl2:

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Not sure if this topic I helped with a while ago is relevant:




But there maybe some answers in there somewhere.


Your windows live account can be configured to pick up mail from multiple accounts; so I would setup the current (old ISP) account in Live Mail and import all folders and create a local folder for the archive.


Then when you change ISPs the original emails should be there.


Import/Export should work also if it's supported.

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