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No internet windows 7 (Resolved)

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Took hours to download the image. This is what I got:


"Resource protection did not find any integrity violations"


Still no internet

So, where are we at?

Do you have a Windows 7 disk, or is the image that you mention from the Iso file?


If so, then you'll need to burn the image to a DVD.

If the Iso is on a Windows 7 computer, you can use Windows to burn it:



If the Iso is on an XP computer, then it's easiest to use imgburn:



Also, did you get a chance to run the McAfee Removal tool?


:) Y

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I burned the image from the link you gave me. The owner of the computer got it from his mother and she did not have any of the software that came with it. The sfc /scannow ran and when it ended i got this: "Resource protection did not find any integrity violations"


Must have missed your post about the mcafee tool...........just ran it and the THE INTERNET IS CONNECTED!!!! I must have missed something when I was deleting everything. Kind of embarassing that I never thought to look for a Mcafee removal tool right from the start.


Hmmmm..........IE will go to the home page and I can get a search list to pop up, but nothing after that.


Google chrome works now........Thats good enough for me. The guy just wanted internet so I think he will be pleased even though IE doesnt work.


Thanks for all of your help. It was darned nice of you to sit around for 2 days taking me through this step by step.


Been a long time since I worked on computers. I forgot a lot more than I thought I did.

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