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My Amazon Horror Story or How Amazon Killed My Wife's Birthday

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TL;DR: Amazon lost me as a customer for good. They knowingly send damaged merchandise and take their sweet time on replacement even though they say it will be here by a certain date.


I purchased a semi-expensive item for my wife's 40th birthday last week making sure to pay extra to get it shipped in time. The item arrived on Tuesday as expected (originally said Monday, but that's fine). With her birthday being today, Thursday, that was perfect.

Here's where the first problem begins. The box it was shipped in was in perfect condition. I was surprised since it's a heavy item that not even the corners were dulled, they were still sharp like a brand new, unused box. I open the box to find the item I purchased in a separate box that the manufacturer put it in, as is usual. The first thing I noticed is a very large hole in the side about the size of a large smartphone, big enough that it couldn't NOT be noticed. This means that the hole was either placed there by the manufacturer, the shipper that shipped it to the amazon warehouse, or by an amazon employee and then the amazon employee at the warehouse put this obviously damaged box into a box to ship it to me. Unsurprisingly the merchandise inside is seriously damaged.

This initially made me upset as her birthday was just two days away (received Tuesday, b-day Thursday). I contacted amazon, told them about my issue, and they were very apologetic and promised to send a replacement with one day shipping ensuring it would be here by Thursday, now today. That evening (Tuesday), I checked to be sure the order was placed and it was, everything looked kosher. Yesterday came and went with no package. I figure no big deal, maybe it took a little bit to process the replacement (even though I spoke to them at about 2 in the afternoon) and it will be here on Thursday. Today comes and no package around the usual time they arrive. I check the tracking and it now says it will be here tomorrow, Friday.

Well, I contact amazon again and am told the shipment didn't go out until TODAY. Again they apologize profusely, but are pretty limp. It's not like they can get in a car and drive the package over here so it'll be on time. I paid extra for the shipping so it would be on time, at least they refunded that charge, but I really feel like more should have been done. This is beyond a screw up on their end. First they knowingly send me damaged merchandise and then they can't even follow through on their promise to get the replacement here on time, taking two damn days to finally box and ship that replacement.

I'm about livid at this point. All I want is for my wife to get the gift that she has been wanting so badly on her important day. Especially this birthday because she is really down about turning 40 and "getting old." I've been hyping it up all week and now I have to tell her "Sorry baby, it'll be here tomorrow instead." Yes, it's only one day, but this is really important to me to be able to give her a lift on a day she's kind of dreading.

I'm sorry for the long rant but I am really upset with this. This was very important for me to see her get this. She's been wanting it for ages and we just haven't had the money for it until now.

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Uggh, so frustrating.


Hopefully it'll not only get there tomorrow, but will be in perfect condition.

Have a four day Happy Birthday celebration on through the week-end and let Minnie know that her friend's here at the Pit wish her a Happy Birthday as well!




:) Y

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You care so much for her and it shows, applause!


I went through a similar incident with Amazon over damaged goods. The replacement came in damaged too.

My items came in with damaged boxes, thought, well maybe inside will look better.


All went back and money refunded.


Tell your wife I wish her a Happy Birthday!


Turning 40 was an ordeal for me too (turning 30 was worse), but the next day, there was no special battle related to age and she'll do fine too.

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