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Low video performance


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after another look at mine, it does look like yours doesn't see/recognise any monitors/x servers and why nothing shows up above there. no idea what could cause that tho except nvidia drivers not actually being used for some reason.


I had even followed the directions on that link you provided (removed now?) and it didn't change anything.

That is odd how it just changed over like that... maybe a system update caused it to do so?

Maybe a look through system log will shed some light.

Sure was nice having some of that info, similar to GPU-Z EVGA Precision X in Windows, it would show GPU temp and even VRAM load.

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Don't know if it makes any difference but I see the following info for system details. It lists my GPU as NV4a but this card is NV44a.




Also got Psensor installed, it only gives readouts for CPU load and GPU temperature. There is NO readouts for CPU voltage or Temperature. Why not? Thought those are givens from I/O chip on the mobo.


I will be so glad to rid myself of this headache. And Ubuntu is usually an easy OS to use and all, but this latest version (14.04.1) I don't think I care much for it. Think I may have to go with Mint for now, unless I can figure some way to make my Asus USB-N13 wireless adapter work in OpenSuse. Can't imagine it should be so tough to do, but it's not going to work the same as the "fix" that was used for it to go in Ubuntu.

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I must have goofed something pretty bad on last go. Don't know if it was something to do with switching nvidia drivers or something to do with installing wine (was going to run a Windows program that way, had it work before a while back in ubuntu 11.04). Either way, had a system reboot and at login screen I would attempt to login and it accepted password but just sat there on a blank desktop and HDD activity LED would stay constantly lit. Ended up spending an entire day working it out... tested HDD and RAM using WD tool and Memtest86+ v5 (both on Ultimate Boot CD). All checked out fine. Finally during part of boot sequence I happened to notice some red text scroll by rather quickly. Rebooted and watched for it, I believe I caught it say something about kernel panic.


Well I started from scratch this time being very careful to install only what is needed and not randomly switching things back and forth. It's all working just fine now (more or less). Nothing is missing from nvidia settings control panel, in Details panel it now shows GPU as GeForce 6200/AGP/SSE2 instead of the Gallium 0.4 on NV4a as in the screenshot on last reply.


The 2 big downsides?

1. I lost out a work unit in folding that was at 99% due to the whole mess.

2. My monitor is now ruined even worse. At one point I don't know if it was trying to auto configure resolution or what, but the screen kept flickering and I could hear the relay inside the monitor clicking on and off. The on screen display when pressing the menu button used to show in German, but now is in Japanese (or some other Asian language), funny considering how neither language is even available for use on this Dell junk. The whole thing even shifted way over to the right and if I make adjustment towards the left it will move further right, so it's now all backwards. The absolute left edge (pixel 0?) is now at the right edge of the monitor and if I make certain adjustments I can see a bright white vertical line show up on the screen where it appears to wrap around and start over. If that makes any sense? Well time for this monitor to go. I've been wanting a nice LCD one anyway.

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