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What was YOUR BEST, and YOUR WORST overclocking moment?

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title says it all.....
I'll go first:

I remember volt modding my 7900gt with a conductive pen and installing the red plated fatality zalman gpu cooler on it. I actually got the card for only $20 and my 7800gt through the step up program evga used to have.... That thing was as fast as the reference 7900gtx, and for the money invested, and the performance i had I was amazed!

The worst was paying $300 for a CPAW stepping opteron on Ebay with an almost guarantee of hitting 3ghz with a dual core, paying some ridiculous amount for the Asus a8n sli deluxe mobo,dropping over $200 for a 2gb cL2 overclocking ram kit, getting it all running like a boss at 3ghz....
And then watching core2 drop a month later and destroy everything i just spent that heap of cash on!

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