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Post your Firestrike scores!

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So I'm tweaking this 280x and wanting to see how it stacks up with everyone.

I mainly want to know because I'm running an old CPU (1090T @ 4050MHz) and would like to see what other people running newer hardware are getting........




Here's where I'm at:





Edit: Also feel free to post your Icestorm and 3dmark 11 scores!!!


Here's my 3dmark11:




I'll run Icetorm ASAP!!!!







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I haven't done any benching in so long I'm almost lost...now to find it and get it downloaded. *sigh*

I guess it's here > http://www.futuremark.com/benchmarks/3dmark






Back to the gym for you sir!!! :banana3:

Same thing happened to me, hadn't benchmarked in years, so I downloaded 3dmark11 and 13 about a month ago, and hit the ground running.....

The graphics compared to the old 03 and 06 versions are like :yikes:

The framerate is really good for me on Firestrike considering it's a becnhmark.....especially when you think about how horrible those benchmarks ran on even the best hardware back in the day.

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I'll post my Icestorm when I get home. I think you can beat me in that one because it's so CPU bound...

This might get interesting???


Do you have 3dmark11?? I posted mine up top!!


I'd love to see how that 3870x2 fairs in 3d11. You have gotten your money's worth out of that thing huh??

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You have gotten your money's worth out of that thing huh??


Paid $100 for it from a guy over at The Raptor Pit > http://www.theraptorpit.com/forum/

It laid on my desk for over a year until I built this rig to watch streaming internet video on...about 2 years ago.

I've never done 3DMark 11 although I have ran Vantage in the past...I may have to load it and see if I can run it...






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Well, you killed the crap outta my score, course mine is all at stock speeds...






I was expecting my GPU to beat you, but was not expecting a 6 core from 2010 at 4GHz to beat an 8 core from 2012 at 4GHz by that much??? In most newer stuff, the 1090T does better (overclocked) than it did when it was new because so many more apps and games are more multithreaded.

Nice score on your rig either way. If it wasn't for the whole DX11 thing, that card you have would still run games pretty darn well!!!

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