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Just pokin' around.... what's new?

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Haven't dropped by here in a LONG TIME!!!


What's everyone running??

What are we overclocking??


Hell, what's up around here in general?


I'm not running anything cutting edge here, but it's still a budget-beast on 3d/games..... I'm scoring 8150 in FireStrike on a video card I got for $125 used on ebay :clap: . That's good right?

The PC itself was a birthday gift in July from my little brother, I bought the video card at a crazy good used price, and I have been tweaking it ever since. He got it in a trade from a client of his. It was just separate components in a box, sitting in a guy's closet. I'm just too broke to dump the big bucks into a system like I did back in the day (circa 2005-2006), so it was a major upgrade from the Core2Duo/HD7770 system I was running!!!!


It's a:

Phenom II 1090T @ 4050MHz water cooled (2010 :geezer: )

Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 (2010 :yikes: )

16GB Hynix (4x4GB) @ DDR3 1800MHz 9-9-9-24 (2012 :mrgreen: )

Asus DirectCU2 TOP 280X @ 1200/1800MHz(still testing voltages, etc) (2014, but REALLY a 7970 GE, so still 2012 :banana3: )

500GB SATAIII (2010 :surrender: )


Now are you ready.......

*****DRUM ROLL********


STILL RUNNING MY OCZ 700W GameXTreme PSU FROM 2006!!!!!! :laughing:

All mounted in a nice mid-tower cooler master case :yup: .



It seems that this VERY OLD 1090T is more capable now than it was when it was introduced. By that I mean; games have become more multithreaded, and more GPU bound than ever, so with a decent overclock on the CPU, it keeps me from bottlenecking this GPU (there is obviously some bottlenecking to a degree, as to say that a 4930k at 5GHz would surely show some more potential from the GPU, but as of now, my graphic scores are inline with those of systems using high-end CPU's, with the same GPU and clock speeds respeectively). My benchmark scores and gameplay FPS tell the whole story.




As a matter of fact..... I still do better than FX6300's and most 8350's..... even when they are overclocked, unless it's something VERY multithreaded (Cinebench/etc, the 8 core wins)

Now, let's NOT discuss Intel..... that battle went completely lop sided after the 2500/2600k CPU's.....


Anyone else running a 280x (or 7970)?

Or still running older hardware in general and getting pretty good results??


I have found that this dated hardware is handling new games very well, especially when overclocked. Not to mention I've got room to add an additional card (or two really..) if I want to try CF (would def need a bigger PSU)

Hell, I'm still running the 700W OCZ GameXtreme PSU I bought new in 2006. THAT IS CRAZY RIGHT???


Anyways, just stirring up a discussion.... good to come back and check in with everyone. I hope to meet some new folks, and hopefully see some familiar faces as well...... I used to be on here quite a bit....

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Well, good to see your still kickin'! I had a major heart attack back in Feb. this year and subsequent problems since then but I'm still hangin'. Not too much going on around here, no O'C contests at least, but I'll speak for myself in regards to hardware.

I have an Intel rig and an AMD rig both running strong.

Asus Maximus IV Extreme


16 Gb G.Skill DDR3-2133

2 x EVGA GTX460 vid cards

Corsair 1200W PSU

water on CPU running SUSE 13.1 O/S


Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

FX-8350 < RMA trade-up from an 8120

8 Gb G.Skill DDR3-1866


running on air and SUSE 13.1 O/S


also have a quad CPU server setup with Silverstone Strider Gold 1200W PSU, that I'm running [email protected] on using SUSE 13.1 as well. And then there's the PC that I stream internet video with for TV purposes:

Asus Crosshair V Formula


8Gb G.Skill DDR3-1866

Sapphire 3870x2 vid card

Silverstone 850W PSU

running on air which I'm typing all this on at present.


You and burned ati don't be strangers, alot of us "old" guys are still around.






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I see you remember my little brother! lol


VERY VERY sorry to hear about your heart-attack man!!! I hope your recovery has gone well. Please take care of yourself!



Those are some nice rigs you have running.

Are you overclocking anything???


I been toying with this rig a lot (but I've about tweaked everything as far as it's going to go, especially on this 8 year old power supply :geezer: )......

I gotta be honest, I'm really amazed by this 280x video card....

This thing is a work horse, and I got it for $125 shipped, box, all cables, and un-registered so I can RMA for another 2 and a half years!!! (card was bought in Feb 14)


I think when the bitcoin market crashed, it opened up a lot of great deals for benchmark/gaming enthusiasts on a budget.


Burned ati bought a Sapphire 7950 on craigslist for $100 cash, runs perfect, overclocks to 1200/1850 :yikes: ..... and the guy still had 4 more for sale at that price.....

He also got a 1600w LEPA PSU for $80 cash! That damn thing sells for $290 on newegg right now!!!

The rest of his rig is comprised of an i73820, 16GB DDR2133, and a nice Samsung SSD...... (he too got a crazy deal for his system on craigslist, $300 in a NICE case, with a vanilla GTX660 reference- he ultimately unlocked it to GTX670)


It's a good time for PC gaming if you ask me. The console systems are running the equivalents of r7 260x (xbox one) and r9 270 (ps4), and we know the big title software companies want to embrace those platforms for a minimum of 6-10 years now. It means that, even ports, will be optimized for ATI at their core.... and most PC based titles will mesh well enough with the console hardware, that they are port-friendly enough to keep pushing the graphical boundaries, WITHOUT intentionally making games that are too difficult to run (in my opinion Crysis 2 was a good example of this).


I have realized that this rig built of all components 2+ years and older (except the GPU, but it's essentially an overclocked 7970 from 2011), is PLENTY capable of running any title out, max settings, 1080p, with 60+ FPS.


That could also be why the enthusiast community died down a little too though I guess......

You'll still have your deep pocket thrill seekers who buy the latest and greatest CPU/GPU's, throw high end water and LN2 on 'em, and dominate benchmarks.

But now I see so many more people who have realized (especially with ALL hardware after 2010), that you don't need to buy a $500 video card, and $300 CPU every 6 months to get ultra settings and 60 FPS in games.......

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Shoulda mentioned that I have the i7-2700k running at 4.5Ghz 24/7. The FX-8350's are not O/C'd cause I have no aftermarket coolers for 'em. Would need something like this > http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103099 or put 'em under water. The one on the Gigabyte board may end up water-cooled cause I do have a waterblock and rad. that would work on it. Be something for me to fool with in my spare time (which I have plenty of now).

Yep, lil bro' poked his head in here not too long ago.....well shoot, I guess it was Jan. '13 > http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/200642-long-time-no-see-im-back-with-a-new-build/?view=findpost&p=1763665


Here's the thread on my heart attack > http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/203022-caintry-boy/






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That is some heavy stuff my man. I'm glad you pulled through it all! You've been on here since as far as I can remember, and never once had anything negative to say to anyone. I see a lot of other forums filled with trash talking fanboys, and people who seem to know every single thing about every single piece of hardware ever made one certain threads, and then you look around for answers on something (why I usually visit forums) only to see that they have 8 other threads up talking about what to get for their first build.... Glad to have good guys on here willing to help!


I'm a big fan of water cooling now.... (even though this is my first, and it's a kit)

It was so out of reach back in the day, that it made more sense to buy $40-60, even $75 air cooling solutions that still didn't do as good of a job as some of these $60-75 water cooling kits you can get now.

Everyone then ran custom loops, with $200+ worth of radiators, UV hoses, and LED fans, lol.

All the windowed cases.... man, it's like we were Honda ricers from the late 90's or something!! :laughing:

Of course, I was 19/20 years old, and it all seemed so cool. (I used to have the NZXT Nemesis Elite $$$)

I'm 30 now, and really digging the tastier cases like this Cooler Master I run (mind you it's pretty dated now)



The watercooling kit I use is a "Cool It" kit, and was around $120 or so when it was new in 2010. I never have a problem with it at all, and it keeps a 1090T 4050MHz, running at 1.5vcore/1.3v CPU-NB chip at 33c idle, 44c 100% load, and that's in a room that sits between 25 and 27C!!


I am REALLY thinking about getting the NZXT Kraken, and a H50 for my 280x so I can start doing some serious overvolting and clocking..... Right now, it hits 88C ion Furmark at 1.25v/1.6v on 1200/1800 clocks. It never artifacts past that up until 1240Mhz, 1.3v, until it breaks 82C, so I know I have another 50Mhz or more of core headroom from this 1200 I'm keeping it at.


But on the other side of that coin.... I could just grab a used 7950, or 7970 for $100-120, throw it in with the 280x, leave the voltages and clocks closer to stock, and get much better performance than the HIGHLY overclocked single card.

But knowing me..... I'd just be giving myself 2 GPU's to overclock/test/overclock/test/overclock/test.....

Not good for the wife and kids! :nono: Especially considering it's my wife school work rig during the day.

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i upgraded twice in one year:


intel rig: 4770k @4.6 16 gigs g-skill, sapphire toxic 280x,corsair PSU,corsair cooling,SSD drive,mech HD. etc.....





AMD rig: 8350,16 gigs g-skill,XFX 280x,corsair PSU,corsair cooling,SSD drive,mech HD. etc.....



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Brown, those rigs are sweet bro!!!

How have your 280x's been???


Mainly curious about the toxic model..... what voltage and clocks do you run them both at?

I have read about the Asus TOP model (my 280x) being plagued with nightmares..... tons of people having artifact issues in certain titles, and I myself have seen the card all of the sudden get small strange squares in some games, even on clock speeds that I know are 100% stable, and do not visually artifact in any benchmark or stress test. It's the weirdest thing. I can run mine at 1200/1800 for two hours straight, and then BAM :yikes: , I see some little squares in the corner (even on titles that only push the GPU 40-50% with 55c temp, like Blacklight Retrobution). I can rteturn to stock clocks, and they do not go away.... only when I restart the computer can I get rid of them. I have read that this is an issue with at least 75% of these cards.... It seemed to have affected the 7970 TOP and Matrix platinums/Sapphire Toxic too.....


In kombuster burn test, with 1.25v and 1200Mhz core, I am hitting 88c after 5 minutes or so! I always cut it off when it gets to that point, but I keep the clocks in place because no benchmark or game I have ran puts the temps anywhere near there. The highest I have seen in a game is about 75c which is plenty safe for an overclock like mine. The fact that I got this thing for $125 makes any little quarks I need to work out WELL WORTH IT. Especially considering it runs perfectly at stock clocks. Overclocking is just a freebie.... It's literally tossing the salad of a stock GTX 780 with the performance I'm getting, Tossing salad may be bad thiong to some, but at least I'm on it's @$$ for only $125!!! :laughing:


I bet my 1090T would give that 8350 rig you have a run for it's money depending on what your CPU/GPU clocks are..... You got any benchies??? THROWBACK THURSDAY BENCH-PRESSING!!!! WOOT WOOT :banana3:

My personal best SO FAR in FireStrike http://www.3dmark.com/fs/2531857


3dMark 11 best so far... http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/8631645


The drivers are not approved because I am using guru beta 14.7 that supposedly helps with the strange squares, and coming from 14.4 I saw a little bit of a boost....


All these tests were done at stable speeds, the GPU was clocked at 1225, which is my max stable speed on 1.25v, but I run it daily at 1200 due to temps (doing some new thermal compound and VRAM sinks this weekend to fix that)

The card came out of a 4xCF mining rig used for 4 months straight (have receipt), so I'm sure whatever crappy paste is on there, is completely baked.

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