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Welcome Back Hydro!

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Yeah, I can be pretty amazing...with some of the dumb stunts I pull alright! :lol:

Thank you buddy! I just try to help out around here on the forums and with the Folding. Good to see you Folding again after your "hiatus". ;)


Now, if you're talking about my health problems....spring was pretty rough on the ol' caintry_boy, but we persevered and still kickin'!






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Ugh well I noticed that my memory speed was staying at only 300 while folding AND gaming. My GPU clock went up as it should. So i downloaded the new drivers and it completely wrecked my PC. Was just getting a black screen after login. I then had to boot into safe mode and do a recovery.


Now gaming works but I can't get folding to run. I didn't try to re-install yet I am waiting on some new drivers to be released.

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