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agreed 2 cards would bottleneck what i listed but it being an 1150 socket upgrading to a more powerful CPU is always an option in the future. justin if you can grab a 7870 and what i listed you will have a nice lil system,SSD are cheap too. i got a 64g SSD for 25 bucks, nothing fancy for a boot drive but it helps. good luck

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I'm only using used hardware for now due to it won't be as big a loss if it should grow legs and walk away (my dad likes to use that phrase as a way of saying something was stolen). I'll definitely look into the suggestions though, thanks so much!


Just seen someone selling an SSD on Craigslist.. I just remember it was 500GB and they want $150. Then reading the posting it specifies the drive is broken and for parts only :nono:



As far as the used hardware.... it's hit or miss, but so are used vehicles, and I think we can all assume that a 2010 BMW for $15k is going to be A LOT nicer of a car than a 2014 Nissan Versa for $15k.....

When you are running old hardware, and choose not to upgrade because you don't want to buy used, you are essentially continuing to "use," used hardware anyways, :laughing:

The BMW would for sure be the nicer car... but Beamers are money pits. If you can afford the BMW (including all costs of repairs) it would be a much better deal to just get a Cadillac SRX or Escalade :)

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@Agent, thats a good deal that cant be passed up,its even better than the deal i got. i also looked at that same board but it was more on newegg than the Asrock board i picked. so far my G3258 is rock solid at 4.5ghz and 1.3v even played BF4 last night to see how it would play and it ran the game great along with my 7870xt.



EDIT: i watced the MSI video on the microcenter link, 50c on idle in the BIOS,WOW. i didnt check idle temps in BIOS but mine idles at 40c at desktop and im in my garage with door open about 3 feet and its 90F outside. hmmm.

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