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My Dell Studio XPS 8100 has started having loud fan noise that varies according to the load on the CPU. I assume it's an issue with the fan itself that needs to be replaced, but is there any other likely issue; e.g., the sensor that speeds up the fan as needed? Are the mounts for these fans somewhat unversal or do I need to try to order specific one from Dell? Thanks in advance.................

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try cleaning the pc/heatsink from all dust, the cpu should then be able to run cooler without the fan needing to speed up to noisy levels trying to keep temps under control.


that does mean taking the side off the pc, disconnect power lead first and when inside take all anti-static precautions while cleaning.


here's some links that may help.







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If cleaning doesn't work...you do need a specific fan for the CPU..but not from DELL. Double check your system specs but it looks like you have an i5 CPU so loads of fans out there for it:




I like Zalman but if you are not overclocking or running heavy video games / rendering HD video you really don't need a monster fan.


If you are replacing the fan you will also need thermal paste and thermal paste remover to give the cpu a bit of a clean and a new application of paste. Also look out for fans that have back brackets as these will need you to remove the motherboard to fit them!!

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stock intel heatsinks are a combo heatsink and fan caintry, don't think you can just replace the fan so you'd be looking at something like these :- http://www.newegg.com/CPU-Fans-Heatsinks/SubCategory/ID-574




You're right, but I just thought that he might be able to replace the fan by itself, therefore the link... :shrug:






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