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I just thought I'd let you all know that I'm planning to move sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm progressively looking for any place to go aside from my parents house. Shouldn't be much of a problem to find a place, think I've got one lined up but I won't know for sure for a couple of days yet.


Basically it comes down to the fact that my family is nuts and living here keeps bugging me to the point I often feel like slitting my wrist.

My sister and her fiance (they aren't yet married but to me he is already my brother-in-law) have been visiting for the past 4 weeks from Buckeye, Arizona. It's great to see them and all. They need to be heading back soon though. So we went out for drinks and shoot a couple games of pool tonight. We all got in about 3AM and mom is up and having a fit. No one is causing trouble or being too loud or too drunk or anything like that. She's still having a fit for who knows what reason.


Well my sister is going to take care of last minute stuff and then head back to Arizona. Bro-in-law is going to be around for a few more weeks to finish up some contract work he's got in the area, but he's going to stay at a hotel now.

I sure hope that I can get this place I've been trying for, it will put me only 4 blocks away from the place I'm going to start a new job at. I'll be making an alright salary for a few months and then bumped up to permanent full time with a 2x pay raise (nearly $30/hr). In spare time I'll be studying some stuff that my bro-in-law gave me that should get me working in the same field he's in ($50/hr+ jobs)


As a side note:

I'm 33... my parents were born in the 50's...

I've offered them money and every kind of help possible so they can get by a little easier.... they refuse it all.

Someone please explain to me what the deal is with that?


Still folding 24/7 none-the-less!

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At a big stinky factory doing water reclamation. I've done the work before at a previous company so this place is willing to hire me and train to their standards. The work is basically taking water and de-ionizing it then run it reverse osmosis so it's clean enough (down to 1/1,000,000th of a micron) for use in food products. There's a Frito-Lay factory right down the street too!


Funny thing is it may sound a bit complicated, but most of the work is done by machine. So I'll get paid to just sit and watch the process.. well also set timers and open/close certain control valves at certain times.


Next I'll do training for running PLCs like my brother-in-law does and make even bigger bucks!! Can be $50/hr+ :bigsmile:


PLC is Programmable Logic Controller


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