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GPU folding

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So I'm looking here to see what cards will fold. Is this guideline for Windows only? Or does the same apply if I run Linux as well?



Also, seems straight forward with nVidia cards.. more or less anything 8 series and up will fold just as long as it's CUDA capable.


A bit confusing with AMD cards though, especially that it says something about using nVidia client.

Currently I've got this card:



But it's salvaged out a machine that wouldn't power on.. so the card may or may not even work. Don't think it's capable of folding though if I'm understanding which series cards are supported and which are not.


I've got a friend who is willing to sell me 2 of the following for $20... would these fold?



I may have to pass on that deal (or just buy them to have as spares) and just look for something nVidia.


What I see here makes it seem like I should be able to use that Radeon HD 3870. Their benchmark machine runs a 3850.. unless this is outdated info?



How do you decide the credit value of GPU work units?

Points are determined by the performance of a given machine relative to a benchmark machine, similar to the CPU client benchmark process. Before releasing any new project (series of work units), we benchmark it on a dedicated computer with an ATI Radeon 3850 GPU (512 MB, 320 Stream Processors), running in a Dell Inspiron 531, with a 2.16 GHz dual core AMD 64 X2 4000+.


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no neither of those cards can be used for folding.




    • (GPU3 – OpenMM- fahcore_16) – End Of Life announced Sept. 2013
      • OpenCL compatible GPU, 5xxx series or newer, see full list
      • 11.4 AMD device driver or newer
    • (GPU3 – OpenCL – FAHCore_17)
      • OpenCL compatible GPU, 5xxx series or newer*, see full list
      • 13.6 AMD device driver or newer (14.4+ improves speed)
    • (GPU2 – CUDA – fahcore_11) - End Of Life announced Aug. 2013
      • CUDA supported GPU (8xxx series and above), see full list
      • 26x.xx NV device driver or newer (327.xx is a known stable version)
    • (GPU3 – OpenMM – fahcore_15) - End Of Life announced Nov. 2013
      • CUDA supported GPU (8xxx series and above), see full list
      • 26x.xx NV device driver or newer (327.xx is a known stable version)
    • (GPU3 – OpenCL – fahcore_17)
      • OpenCL compatible GPU, 4xx series and above (Fermi and Kepler) or newer*
      • 301.xx NV device driver or newer (327.xx is a known stable version)


those cards you listed are a 2xxx and 3xxx.


and with nvidia really you need a minimum 4xx card. eg. :- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814134119

older cards can only fold wu's that are near end of life so will soon not be able to fold anything.



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Well the mobo did not show up.. don't think we had any mail today (strange).. hopefully it will come in tomorrow. When it comes in I'll test that Sapphire HD 2600XT. If it works I've got that at least for display.. if not it will go to recycle. Think I may take up that offer on those 2 3870's anyway just to have them for future use.


As far as the mobo goes, I actually ordered a different board than the ASRock K10N78D that I had mentioned before. Found a better deal for about $10 less so got this one:



Thanks for clearing that up Terry, much appreciated!


c_b I know just what you mean! Getting hopeful that I get offered the position I applied for at another place, if I get it I'll be making about $18/hr!! I've actually started studying my brother-in-law's books for the electrical engineering he does. Would be great if he could get me some work where he's at.. should would be great to earn $50/hr :look:

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