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PS3 - Flashing Red Power Light


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My trusty Ps3 has died (i think). It's the Original 80gb (Fat) model.


Was streaming some music and the screen went blank and the red power light was flashing. Tried to start her up but managed about 10 seconds and shut down again.


Did a bit of googling and it points to either hard drive not seated correctly or thermal shutdown.


So stripped the PS3 down; removed the motherboard; cleaned every thing with compressed air to remove the dust bunnies. Cleaned the old thermal paste of the CPU and GPU and reapplied fresh. Put it all back together again; ensuring hard drive was in firm. Booted it back up and the same result. Nada. Apart from the flashing light.


It tries to start; the fan fires up; but no display. Last for about 10 seconds and shuts down again.


Any ideas?

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Don't know personally, but a search showed a few things, the main one being what they call the Yellow Light of Death (If the red light and green light are on at the same time), which means your screwed, or the hard drive, or graphics card are the other suggestions to check, make sure they are seated correctly, but heat does seem to be the common factor in all of these results, and as such it may be that the PCB solder has become "corrupted" for want of a better word, and suggest using a Hot Air Rework Soldering Station or the like if you have one.


Here is a quote from someone who would appear to have a lot of experience with such things:-


I have come across a few consoles with the exact problem you refer too. Your system is shuttting down due to a blu-ray drive failure(most likely a problem with the pcb on the bluray drive.) I was able to fix the issue by replacing the pcb, the trick is finding a compatible pcb. you have to match up the revisions.


I did also see the following:-


try to hold down the power button until it beeps 3 times. this is why "do not turn off the power" when u are updating

But doubt it will do anything, and 1 final thing to check, is the fan, can you power up without the cover on (safely of course) ?

I saw a dead on comment that with it being heat related, it could be a simple case of it shutting down to protect itself, just like a PC, so if you are able to safely check the fan to make sure it's spinning it could be the low tech reason which one would often overlook as it's so obvious, hope something here helps.

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Cheers 8210guy....I think you've found the same results as me!!


If it was a PC; I'd definitely say it's a heat issue; as the fans start up fine and after about 10 secs it just shuts down.

There's no picture so I'm guessing something has gone on the GPU side of things.


I guess I now have an excuse to get the PS4!!

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Well the shutting down is what windows does when heat is too much, which is why I thought the fan would definitely be worth checking, I have had a fan in the past that was actually spinning, BUT, it was so weak, it was not providing enough of a draft to do it's job, and as a result the system would then shut down, it just ran long enough to load, but as soon as the system started to work it couldn't manage and shut down, so I always try and feel if the fan is able to spin with minimal resistance (using extreme safety), if it stops spinning with little pressure then the fan is highly suspect, in my experience with similar heat issues, albeit on a PC instead, but the concept is still the same, but if you just want justification to upgrade go for it lol.

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Can you check whether the hard drive works in a PC or not?


The HD is fine; I've removed it and now wiped and formatted it with Gparted. Building a new NAS box and needed a small capacity HD to run FreeNAS and this fits the bill.

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