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Same malware every scan

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It seems that every scan I do daily, I'm getting the same malware removal ... Backdoor.Win32.Simda.br. I have PCMatic settings to FIX everything but this malware ALWAYS comes up. Something doesn't seem to be right. Any ideas?


Sites I visit regularly


Yahoo mail

Texas Gun Talk (forum)

Home page, of course (Fox News)

Publishers Clearing House contest

Las Vegas Review-Journal (local newspaper online site)

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You can try running PC Matic from Safe Mode with Networking to make sure that the malware file is not in use while PC Matic is trying to remove it.


If that does not resolve the issue, you can open a ticket at our help desk and we can provide instructions how to generate and send us a PC Matic log file, which will have the exact location for the file that is being detected. Once we have that, you can manually check out what is going on.


You can open a ticket from here:


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