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Sound Cards and audio software


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Am I posting this in the right place?


I salvaged an old PCI sound card from a broken machine that was in the trash. Put the sound card in and found a driver for it and so far it seems to work just fine! Just barely found a driver for the card... can't seem to find a whole lot of info on it though. Closest I can find is a few eBay listings and 1 site that shows a bit of info about.




It's been a while since I've had a machine with a separate sound card, and lately it seems that onboard audio just plain sucks. I especially can't stand C-media and ADI ones, their sound quality is way too low and lacking. Realtek at least sounds better and fuller.

The last PCI card I had was a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz and I loved the sound. This ESS one (guess it has a Yamaha Synth?) is at least 1000% louder and clearer output compared to the onboard ADI SoundMAX that is on this Intel board. As quiet, distorted and lacking the SoundMAX is I'd say it should be called SoundMIN instead.


I never really got to use my Asus M4N78 Pro board, but it's got a VIA VT1708S chip and incidentally, the ASRock board I'll be getting has the very same VIA chip. I'll have to see how that one sounds.. but worst case scenario there will be at least 1 PCI and 1 PCIe x1 so I can add something else if need be.


What I'm wondering most of all though, is there any way of getting a software equalizer? It sounds like it's boosted in the middle frequencies and cut on the high and low ends.

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Depending what you want to achieve, VLC is a media player that plays pretty much anything you throw at it, and within it there is an equaliser option, it gives a lot of options if you know what your doing, other wise it has the pre-sets you would expect, and possibly more, or set the sliders yourself (I think you can, been a while since I looked), but it means you have to use that media player to maintain your settings (make sure you save them when your happy), once saved that's it, other software has similar things under their options, but VLC should do all you need and maybe more, see if this helps.

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