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Folding GPU client ... Safe to Game?

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Was just in Team Fortress 2 when the GPU crashed mid-game. So now I know better that running games with folding is NOT SAFE, especially on a single card. I have another PCI Express x16 slot, but it's got x4 data lanes instead of the full x16, and the GPU (ASUS R7-250) doesn't work with Dual Graphics in my on-die GPU of my A4-5300 APU.


Machine has been running off this Rocketfish PSU that I had been using for the last 6 years, but quite frankly I think it's starting to lose some of its punch. Display has been showing a random, corrupt frame at random times of the day even when I'm not gaming or Folding, so I'm thinking it's that right time to upgrade the juice box. For the graphics card itself, of COURSE I would get one of those cards that doesn't need the PCI-E power connector: It's a cheapie. But, I'm already being spotted 15728 PPD already. I hope the GPU crashing and restarting doesn't hurt anything, though. I know the first time I ran this, it dumped the work unit when it was nearly finished because of something "bad" with the WU itself. It's frustrating enough to have one WU fail, but not having to do it over?

Is there anything for 650 watts, modular, 80-plus platinum power supplies?

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just because it crashed doesn't mean it's not safe, just means you have a hardware problem. ;)






Can I still use my GPU when the client is running?

Yes. We have taken steps to try to prevent the GPU client from interfered with many operations that used the GPU, such as watching videos or playing games but this may not work to your satisfaction. The very process of trying to make the GPU client use all of the GPU’s resources can cause video lags due to the current generation drivers sending data to the GPU in a first-come-first-serve basis, rather than based on priority as they would for a CPU. If you experience significant system impact, and you would like help resolving this, please visit our Folding Support Forum.


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