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OK.. I stopped folding for a short few hours so as to attempt getting everything up and going in Linux (that turned into a huge train wreck) and now FAH is just completely gone off my Windows XP drive?? :soapbox:


Had to download it and reinstall, set it up again and all.


Guessing that's a sign of this hdd getting ready to die soon. Ran Seatools and MHDD (both on latest version of Ultimate Boot CD) and test results show to be OK.. but there were a few bad sectors (I guess... MHDD showed red boxes that means it took more than 550ms to read).


Currently using this hdd: (mine is the 4K040H2 so 40GB)



This is the other hdd I've got that I installed OpenSuSE 13.1 KDE on:



I'm seriously out of ideas what to do at this point.

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Yep, seems to be running fine now. Wonder if it happened while I uninstalled some other programs.

Noticing the the Intel Active Monitor (temp/volt utility) is showing that 'active monitoring' is disabled, but clicking then asks me if I'm sure I want to disable.

It's still working though, so no idea.. volts are all within spec. Temps I guess are ok.. CPU runs 58-60C while folding 100%. But there's a 'System Zone 1' and 'System Zone 2' temperature readouts, no idea what either is. Zone 1 shows at 34C so no problem there.. Zone 2 shows at 53C and never seems to go below 50.

Searched google and found for a similar mobo (but not this exact one) that the temp sensors are on either side of the CPU socket. If that's the case, then that Zone 2 temp might be about right. It's awfully warm in that area with top mount PSU.


Either of those drives you show could work really well on the AMD setup, which has SATA 3.0 ports. This P4 mobo has SATA 1.5 ports though. Maybe if can put in a slightly better PSU as well. Think this one is close to full load, plus it's at least 7-8 years old already.

350w PSU -- GeForce 6200 wants minimum 350w PSU, and CPU is 115 watt.. add in at least 1 DVD-R/W drive and 7200rpm 120GB WD hdd... it might be near overload. May be smarter to just retire this P4 machine soon.

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I do, but it won't connect to this Intel mobo without an adapter. The PSU has a 24 pin ATX cable, the mobo has a 20 pin ATX connector. The only thing that prevents it from working is they sandwiched the ATX connector between an IDE port and a capacitor. Wouldn't be a problem if that ATX cable was a 20+4, but I don't want to risk damaging anything if I can help it.

Figure it's best to use Guns PSU for the Phenom setup, which should be running in about a week or 2!


Been cleaning up, going through boxes of old PC components deciding what to do with some of this stuff. Some may have to go to e-waste. Got 6 sticks of EDO RAM and an Intel Pentium Processor from '92!! :yikes:


What to do with something like this?? (I'm sure the rest of that machine was scrapped a long while back!!)


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Not sure if it's a state wide law here in Illinois, or just the Chicago metro area.. but we can't put stuff like that in the trash. They fine up to $5,000 per electronic item that you put in the trash here. There's drop off spots that they set up though, so I just put it all in a box and drop it off once a month.

Best the stuff doesn't end up in a landfill anyway, that can lead to drinking water being contaminated with toxins (lead and mercury).


Watching weather reports now, there's some really heavy storms coming out of Iowa. Looks like quite a few cells were producing hail, damaging winds and some tornado activity. Worst of it is up in Wisconsin around Madison area and from there it's in direct path towards Milwaukee... hopefully everyone stays safe!

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Yeah this Maxtor drive has to go, it keeps stopping up at random. Going to wipe OpenSuSE from the WD drive set everything up in WinXP since I can't figure how to get my wireless adapter working in Linux. It's listed a "Linux compatible" but that's apparently a lie. Spent 3 days trying to get it going... I just don't have that kind of spare time to sit here fooling around with it.


Wishing my Paypal funds would show up already too so I can order up this ASRock board and get my Phenom up and folding already.

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