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Junkaroo, if you have PCMatic's Supershield installed along with AVG then they are both probably fighting with each other for control. You should uninstall one or the other, myself I'd stick with Supershield and ditch AVG.


In Windows 7 go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run and in the box that pops up type this > msconfig

Hit Enter to open the System Configuration, go to the Startup tab and uncheck everything listed there. If it needs to run, your PC will tell you. ;)

Restart the PC.


Now go to the link that Tomk_ gave and open a ticket at the help desk and explain what's going on, they will help you as much as possible.






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Tomk I really don't know where to post ! your site takes me to the pcpitstop main page.I posted somewhere but it's gone

can't find help desk not sure where to post. Caintry has corrected me 3 times now.i/m lost...Time to quit I guess...Thanks

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Caintry hasn't really corrected you... he was just giving advice. The important thing he said is that with PCMatic installed, you don't need AVG. You never want two Anti-Virus programs running they will interfere with each other. It's like asking two dogs to guard the same bone.

It isn't time to quit. This is all solveable.

If you click on the blue text in my post #50 above (which we call a link) it should open a page called PC Pitstop/PC Matic Customer Service and then asks you what you need help with. You want to click the little circle in front of Request product information or technical support and then click on the next button. On the next window select PCMatic and then click the next button. On the next window select Other, my issue is not listed above and then click the next button. Then you fill in the information about your system. Basically, even though there isn't a specific question asked for your problems, you just work through the questions picking the "closest" answer that might somehow relate. This creates a "ticket" and staff will then do their best to help you resolve problems.

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Junkaroo, As suggested earlier it would be better if you go to the PC Pitstop Customer Service Area.


Go here: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/service.asp put a dot in the second to last listing "request technical support and follow the prompts.


Someone will be there 24/7 to solve your issue. It is quite common and can be solved.


I look forward to seeing your there.


Thank you.

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