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New build in progress

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Should be getting it all setup over this weekend!!


Went to backup some stuff from a few old HDDs and ended up with some broken hardware. No biggie, I need to get rid of some old stuff anyway!

Old Maxtor D540X-4k (MX4K040H2) made a horribly loud whining sound and wouldn't boot, not even seen in BIOS. No real loss, don't think I had much on that there I'll miss terribly.

But while unplugging the IDE cable from the mobo, it came apart with the actual connector left in the IDE port.


Oh well, it was a nice cable and served me well for roughly 5 years.



May be making a small move a couple towns over in the next 2 weeks if all works out. I'm being offered a good job with nice pay and benefits. The move would put me only about 1/4 mile from work. I'll see how that goes and keep you all informed!!

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OK.. mobo has a 24 pin main ATX connector and an 8 pin ATX12v. On the PSU there is a 24 pin main so no prob there. But there's also an 8 pin connector as well as 2x 4 pin. Either set would fit that 8 pin connector and the cables match up (4 black for ground and 4 yellow for +12v). Does it matter which cable I connect there?

It's listed as ATX12v/EPS12v so I'm guessing that's why the 2 different sets of cables. Just want to be sure I'm not making a connection that will damage anything.

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there's also 2x 6 pin PCI-e and 2x 6+2 pin PCI-e connectors on the PSU.

hunting for a GPU now. there's NO onboard graphics on this mobo so can't do a whole lot with it unless I use PCI-e card.

had a Sapphire HD 2600 series card, but it gave artifacts and doesn't seem it can be repaired.


aside from that, need to figure things for OS. got OpenSuSE 13.1 KDE 64bit on DVD+R. but I keep having trouble with getting wifi devices to work.

hoping to move to a new residence in the next week or 2. if that goes alright I may be able to use the onboard ethernet LAN connection instead of wifi.

guess I just have to see how that works out

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