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New build in progress

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Just waiting on some funding and delivery of a few more pieces of hardware and then I'll have something better up and running. (No brand new builds until after I move)

Predominant use of the machine will be FAH.


Got these on hand ready to go:

CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103251

RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820146108

HDD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148155

ODD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827106282


Waiting on mobo above all, should have it within about the next 3-4 weeks for sure.

Mobo (guaranteed/on hold for me): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157274


Alternate mobo (not guaranteed/could get sold anytime to someone else):



I'm searching about for possible CPU and RAM upgrades and would like to get some kind of GPU in there as well. Funding is very tough right now on account of my current living situation. That should change as soon as I move.


I may have to build up some kind of case to put this stuff in. My current one was destroyed while I was at a job interview (my family is the absolute worst).


This is the one I've got:



And this is the remains of it:



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I've got this PSU (from Guns):



Up to you if you'd like to send me that card to fold on. I don't want to take advantage of anyone here. The main use of this setup will be FAH.


Out of curiosity, is it really possible for system RAM to compatible with AMD CPU board only?

Seen these but some smells fishy: (good price though compared to other sellers)



Looks like Kingston Value Ram, which, should be compatible on any board that will run DDR2-800. Location shows as USA, but the description sounds like someone in China with lousy English.



This item is only compatible with AMD cpu motherboard .
It can NOT work in any intel cpu motherboard .Please make sure you buy a right item. If you are not sure , please contact us for help.
Compatible with most major brands of desktop with AMD CPU .
If your motherboard is AMD cpu , it is the best Choose.
It can save much money.
About the compatibility questions, or If Compatibility problems let the ram not to work well
please message for us freely and we will to solve these problems well.
100% brand New and original chips . high quality guarantee.
The chip Manufacture by Samsung , Hynix , Infineon , qimenda , Nanya or others.


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Any advert that hasn't been checked that the language used is correct is fishy:


Please make sure you buy a right item


Buy THE right item



it is the best Choose


The best CHOICE



About the compatibility questions, or If Compatibility problems let the ram not to work well





please message for us freely and we will to solve these problems well.


Enough said?

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The more I think about it, I've really only seen Intel boards that specify 1.8v RAM for DDR2 :shrug:


Good thing I did not yet order mobo. I was going to just go ahead and buy the mATX A785GM-LE board, but I got an opportunity to choose from a couple others. All are ASRock boards.. but I have a choice (for a few bucks cheaper as well) to go with the above mentioned K10N78D or an M3N78D. Thought that M3N78D was an error and supposed to be Asus since their boards usually have that format of model number. Looked it up and compared, think I'd go with the K10N78D.



Up to 16GB DDR2-1066, 6 SATA, 12 USB


Up to 16GB DDR3-1333 (1800 via OC), 4 SATA, 10 USB


Also been spying a really nice Foxxconn Destroyer on eBay, but of course auctions are never guaranteed.



Was also looking at aftermarket CPU coolers... see lots of them that specify for AM2/AM2+/AM3 socket, but then say only certain CPUs may be supported and don't list which ones. Think my X4 9550 (first gen Phenom) should be alright with the stock cooler. But if I upgrade CPU to a second gen Phenom either X4 or X6 it would most likely need something better. Been looking at a lot of Zalman's and a few others. Got to say, seeing a few liquid coolers (Corsair and Zalman) and it's really tempting :yup:

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That is a nice one

I was actually looking at this Zalman



Also seen a nice looking Thermaltake that I wanted to look it up and I believe a Noctua. Can't remember which ones though, had them bookmarked on the other hdd.. so lost the bookmarks when the drive died.


Hoping to have everything underway starting next week, provided there's no more delays.

Looks like I should be getting the ASRock K10N78D mobo. It will come out about $5 cheaper than the A785GM-LE and will give 4 DDR2 slots instead of only 2. Seeing lots of reviews on the mATX one having trouble with 1066 RAM running at only 800 even with AM2+/AM3 CPUs. The K10 seems to be much less problematic.

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Well I've got the funding available now, just waiting for it to allow me to make purchase. Then it should be a matter of a couple days to 1 week for shipping.



***Guess the build is canceled because PayPal won't let me spend MY money.***

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Back on track now. Should have mobo in about a week.. I'm estimating to have it by next Friday the 18th!!


That's the first time PayPal has given me such trouble... patience is NOT a virtue of mine :mrsgreen:


Going to start getting everything ready for assembly!

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USPS tracking has tomorrow listed as estimated delivery date. Not much detail showing though aside from the scan in point where it was shipped out from (Henderson/Las Vegas)... well guess I'll see tomorrow morning then!

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I'm still looking into a new case too. Giving prefence to something with bottom mount PSU and cable management would be nice.


Currently scrapping out an old PC that was found in the trash. The case is in ok condition so I'll use it until I get a new one. No clue if it's a certain brand or what.. looks like AVA custom machine from 15+ years ago. It's got a SOYO SY-7VBA133U mobo in it.. a 350w PSU (no idea what is exactly) and both have swollen caps.. the PSU has a burn mark on the circuit board by a couple of diodes too. There's an ATi Rage 128 AGP card too.


If this is them, it looks like they do nice work



Not sure but I think I've got at least an ok, working PCIe GPU laying about that I can use. Not sure if it'll fold, but I'm keeping my eyes out for any good deals!


As for case, I can maybe get this one for free or cheap (cheap as in $15 or less):



This one came up as a suggestion from Newegg (not sure I want to go with Apex again though):


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Nope.. the Sapphire HD 2xxxx card is no good. Everything working just fine but the GPU is giving artifacts. Was worried that would be the case since it came from the trash. But everything else is good to go!! Since there's no onboard graphics on this board I kinda need to have GPU. Going to see about picking up one or both of the Radeon HD 3870's that my friend is selling. That will at least get it up and running for now. Still could use a memory upgrade, but I may have that laying about. CPU could be upgraded as well, but no hurry and I'll see what I can find.


Only reason I didn't just go with all brand new stuff is because I (sadly) can't and don't trust family here. After I move, I'll build something brand new (most likely based on AMD FX 8 core). Don't know if you've noticed, but I live a very sad and depressing life... couldn't even say how many times I've considered suicide. I've been barely keeping somewhat calm lately, I'll try to keep it that way but can't make any guarantee. My signature note makes it clear how I feel.. it makes more sense in Finnish, but loosely translates to say "loneliness is happiness". Time to play my guitar a bit, it's the only thing that makes the darkness go away. :(


By the way, sorry if I've offended anyone here... depression is a real bite in the rear (not my choice of words, but otherwise would have been filtered and I'm trying to keep it clean).

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Justin, would you entertain an SSD for your new rig? I have an OCZ Vertex4 that's 128gb I don't need. If you're not interested, cool, I'll toss it back in my parts drawer.


I thought it was failing, but I n00bed up my voltage for the cpu. :D

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