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updating help, anyone?


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I've got a question for any Linux gurus who might be somewhere out there in the ether.

Yes, it's me. Kurt the Hemorrhoid. Sorry to be such a pain, but I have Googled till my fingers bled and drilled into every help menu I could find, and maybe only the Pit can bring salvation.

The deal:
Yes, I'm sure you've heard of my troubles with display issues throughout different upgrades. I'm successfully running openSUSE 13.1 now. FF still won't play Flash vids, but I found Chrome and that did the trick. But, of course, no more. My last zypper up updated Chrome from 34 to 35, and what a mess! Never mind the vids (oldheads might remember psychedelic acid rock colors), the entire browser was off-color and blurry. OK, go into YaST and return to 34, right? Not possible. Luckily for me, Chromium still is in 34 mode, so I uninstalled Chrome 35 and got Chromium 34. All is good for now, but here's the rub: How can I tell YaST or zypper not to update Chromium during a normal update? I know the true solution is for me to buy a new machine, and I've saved up a bit of cash for that, but for now I just want to keep the browser I have. Anyone know how?

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