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Games that can run on my GC.

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Hi guys.... I have a little issue here. Recently, my mom bought me a lap top which is pretty good but has a pretty poor graphics card. It's Intel HD Graphics. Now, I'm having trouble finding games that can work on that graphic card and I've had no luck so far. The only thing I have installed is CS 1.6 and I'm kinda bored of it. I hope you guys can help me find a good game and recommend some games that my GC can support.

P.S. I can't even run Minecraft. :( PLEASE HELP!

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You can see what hardware is in your machine with Speccy.



My sister was able to play Minecraft on her Dell XPS 1330 with Intel HD graphics. Think that one was HD3xxx series, motherboard got fried and already sent it for e-waste and now new board has nVidia graphics chip. She only had a problem playing Sims 3 with the Seasons expansion pack, during winter the snow would turn the whole screen white so you couldn't see anything.


Do you know what kind of laptop it is? Brand and model name or number.

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