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Little confused


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OK Had to wipe hard drive and reset up.The computer was full of malware and virus HP Christines.


Please re tell me PCMatic with shield is all I need to protect my computers (3) Also run as you said windows firewall


I deleted AVG for your program so I am a bit on edge here.


My main computer Pete's if you look up every morning after PCMatic has run I have to wait than I get cant find server I tell try again than after about 1 min it will connect this is also finding this form. Now I am running Firefox to give you information my 3rd computer is ok but slow at times really don't get it.


This the last scan on the computer that cant find servers..Oh it seems once I get into a server it will be OK rest of day until I have a scan..Hope you can get my confidence up


Your PC Matic Results are below likepcmatic.jpg Computer Name: PETEURSU-PC Model: Acer Aspire X1700 Desktop Fix Started: Wed Apr 9 22:24:07 CDT 2014 Fix Ended: Wed Apr 9 22:57:46 CDT 2014 Reboot for all changes to take effect PERFORMANCE check-trans.png1 MBs of junk in 15 files were removed. check-trans.pngInternet settings were up to date. (no action taken) check-trans.png2 performance tweaks applied. C Drive check-trans.png Total fragmentation on drive C went from 0.63% to 0.1%. check-trans.png Data fragmentation on drive C went from 2.32% to 0.38%. check-trans.pngNo highly fragmented files found (no action taken) check-trans.pngNo craplets identified (no action taken) check-trans.pngNo unoptimized services identified (no action taken) SECURITY check-trans.pngNo security threats identified (no action taken) check-trans.pngNo outdated vulnerable applications identified (no action taken) STABILITY check-trans.pngDrivers were up to date (no action taken) check-trans.pngNo registry issues detected (no action taken)

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